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two girls on a beach playing frescobol


Frescobol is an all age friendly game between two people who are working together as partners trying to keep a small rubber ball in the air for as long as possible. The only equipment needed is a ball and your beautiful Capri Frescobol beach paddles. The game is best played on a sandy beach but can be played anywhere. The only objective is don’t let the ball hit the ground!

Standing approximately (6-8 metres) 15 feet apart, two players face each other, and one gently serves the ball to their partner. You keep hitting the ball back and forth slowly at first. When starting out it is sometimes the easiest to stand closer and to do an underhand swing which lobs the ball up to your partner. As you progress you will soon get a rally going and establishing a rhythm between you.


With practice the pace will pick up and you may find yourselves moving further apart as your skill increases. You will also find your swing will vary and your grip will change depending on the feel. The goal at first is to have a rally of 20 hits.


You can also play a version where you have 3 players. In this game, one stands alone and the other 2 stand next to one another across the single player. The single player alternates hitting to each of the 2 players.

two boys on a beach playing frescobol



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