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man holding a frescobol paddle on a beach

Life's a beach

We want you to enjoy both. Check out our environmentally sustainable Frescobol beach paddleball sets and vintage beach gear inspired by beautiful design and function. 

Hand crafted 

Capri Frescobol Luxury Beach Paddle Set

Each Capri Frescobol paddle set includes two paddles, a beach bag and two Frescobol balls.

"Our frescobol beach paddle ball sets are expertly crafted using reclaimed hardwoods. Each paddle is made of black walnut and basswood  and are as unique as the trees they came from."


Frescobol is a classic beach paddle game from the early 1940's. Rumour has it that the game was born at the infamous Copacabana beach just outside of Rio de Janero Brazil. There are also other versions of the game seen throughout Europe and the Mediterranean where it is also known as Matkot, Paddleball, Racchettoni.

The game itself is simple and fun. There are no winners or losers, just great exercise while getting your tan on. Each player simply grabs a beach paddle, faces off and hits the ball to each other to keep up a rally. That's it. It is a great way to improve physical and mental balance, concentration, coordination, agility and reflexes. It is healthy and therapeutic! Trust us, your physical condition will improve and calories will be burned on average of 800 per hour!

Girls playing frescobol beach paddleball with Capri Frescobol beach paddleball sets.